Do You Really Need Caravan Insurance?

The recent study by Vanguard Conversions has revealed that 39% of Brits would not admit to causing damage to a vehicle either on or off the road if an accident occurred. This is highly worrying for those that have more to worry about than just their car, say for instance, a caravan. Fortunately, there are those companies such as Insure My Caravan that provide online caravan insurance quotes to keep peace of mind when towing on busy roads.

The recent Boat and Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham has meant that people are either enjoying a new mobile home, or have been spurred on to look to elsewhere for similar models. These type of events are hot spots for those wanting to spend extra money, but with so many different elements to owning a boat or caravan, after spending the initial amount, many are on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to essentials such as caravan insurance.

Caravans are designed to be more robust these days compared to those manufactured a decade ago. But dents and prangs are still costly if people are careless around such vehicles, and with a percentage of dishonest people admitting to fleeing the scene of the crime, caravan insurance has never been more important.

Insure My Caravan is a price comparison site that can offer quotes at the click of a button. Depending on the type of caravan, there will be cover to suit any requirement so people can feel safe whilst static and towing. Many of their policies also cover camper vans, another area that has seen increasing growth over the past decade.

The safety elements of a caravan have now made hitching a van to a car a simple task reducing the risk of accidents whilst towing. However, it is not often a caravan causes accidents in fact the amount of people that risk dangerous manoeuvres to overtake ‘slow’ caravans can result in more serious collisions occurring.

The risks both on and off the road have meant that people are more interested in the investment of caravan insurance. These recent statistics prove that people need to be wary of other road users and by implementing precautions before accidents occur travellers have peace of mind.

Insure My Caravan provides various quotes which are available to research via their website However, if you wish to know more about their services you can contact them either by phone or via the Contact form on their website..

Insure My Caravan is an established company that prides itself on its simple and effective online caravan insurance quotes. For more information visit their website

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